I’ve learned Business English from Steve for 10 months, and that makes big improvement to my English. He used not only textbook but lots of media, and we talked about various topics such as politics, economy, culture, worldwide issues. He kindly informed me the things that I found quite difficult after class through messenger. He was a generous and thoughtful teacher.KakaoTalk_Photo_2017-10-14-14-14-37.jpeg

– Zoey, South Korea




I’ve studied IELTS speaking with Steve for 11 months, and because of instruction I received a 7.5 for the IELTS speaking test. I not only learned general English from him, but also learned study strategies for English test. For example, he helped developed outlines and approaches for thinking about the speaking prompts. Through this process, I was able to improve my logical thinking in English. Personally speaking, this ability is essential to take any English test. Most importantly, I have gained confidence in English as a businessman thanks to Steve’s help.

– Choi, South Korea

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