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The World is your Oyster: helpful places to learn things…for free!

Why do things cost money? Great question. Sometimes, the best things (like education) don't cost anything.

Hello again world,

It has been a long time since I have written on Seal The Deal English. And I apologize. For a while I thought this wasn’t something I was interested in continuing, and I became frustrated. I also was distracted with schooling, and moving between jobs and countries…it was not a good time. However, things are a bit more stable for me now, and I am currently working on some interesting projects for Seal The Deal English that I hope I will be able to share with you all very soon.

In the mean time, let’s talk about something useful: learning. And more specifically, free learning. Today I will talk about a few different websites and programs that can help you learn valuable skills…for free!

  • Google Digital Academy – You can find anything on Google. You can also find great courses and certifications in valuable tools that can help your business or organization such as Google’s Academy for Ads that helps teach about Google’s Adword program, or Google’s Analytics Academy which provides courses on Google Analytics. All of these tools are effective in understanding the internet marketplace, and provide useful skill that you can bring to bear for your organization
  • – While you may have to pay for certain courses, and pay for your certificate for completing a course, Coursera offers a wide range of free courses that you can access of courses from just about anything. Additionally, Coursera partners with University professors, some of the best in their field, to deliver great lectures and programs. I have used Coursera in the past and have really enjoyed the material and the format of the classes.
  • Reddit’s r/iwanttolearn – Reddit is the popular discussion website where you can find communities about, well, just about anything. And one of the best communities out there is the forum (known as a “subreddit”) r/iwanttolearn. People often write posts about different topics they want to learn, from Japanese to playing the guitar. According to the subreddit page, r/iwanttolearn “is meant to help people who are looking for help starting a major project or learning a new skill” (their emphasis). And that’s the main idea of r/iwanttolearn. If you want to learn how to practice your English proficiency, not only would you be able to ask the community where is the best place to practice your English, but you might also be able to find free resources as well as someone who might be interested in helping you in your English.
  • Free Language Learning Apps and websites – there is a language-learning renaissance going on right now. Whether it’s Lingq, DuoLingo, or any other app out there (some of which I talked about way back in 2017), there are lots of resources available fore your language learning needs. Additionally, you might be able to find something relating to your specific interest on Reddit. Perhaps you are interested in learning Hungarian? Well, there is a reddit community dedicated to helping non-Hungarian speakers learn Hungarian at r/hungarian. Or maybe you want help learning Python; there’s a reddit community for you as well at r/learnpython.

That is a few for right now that I have found and have personally found very helpful. I will continue to update this list, and post updates on this page about any other great websites for learning things for free.



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