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Updates, and new features: we created a Quizlet Page!

Just a quick update on what we are up to.

Hey everyone!

I am sorry things have been a bit sloppy with our articles as of late. I’ve had a lot of work outside of this website that has prevented me from meeting the deadlines needed to publish our articles and materials. That being said, however, we are continuing to build Seal the Deal English. You may have noticed new menu settings on our front page. We have now included a level system that will help teachers and students find articles and materials that can help them improve their English.

So, to explain:

Level 1: new to business English, something shorter and simpler to understand

Level 2: A little familiar with business English, but still needs a little help with key terms.

Level 3: Ready to start trying more in depth articles, phrases, and concepts in English

Level 4: More intense level of English that you might see in business and boardrooms, with articles ranging in style in scope.

Level 5: Reading full length articles while also providing helpful hints and ideas to further strengthen students’ English abilities.

Level 6: Full length articles that break down and explain key events or ideas going on in English and business. For more advanced reading

Additionally, I have created some studying material on I have taken vocabulary used in both our instagram page as well as our “study words” in order to create flashcards that can help you practice and memorize the words used in our articles. Below is a link. I hope you enjoy and study hard!

Click here to try it


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